90s Football Icon Unrecognizable in Edited Photo, Jokes About ‘Narcos 4’ Role – Daily Star

90s Football Icon Unrecognizable in Edited Photo, Jokes About ‘Narcos 4’ Role – Daily Star

Roberto Baggio has surprised fans by sharing a photo of himself displaying a resemblance to a Colombian drug lord. Known for his iconic hairstyle during his playing days, he earned the nickname “The Divine Ponytail.” However, his recent appearance has prompted fans to consider a new moniker. In the caption of the post, the former striker humorously referenced a South American drug cartel, hinting at the upcoming Narcos 4.

With a notable career, Baggio enjoyed success at various Italian clubs, including Vicenza, Fiorentina, Juventus, AC Milan, Bologna, Inter Milan, and Brescia. Despite being hailed as the world’s best player in 1993, his career came to be defined by a missed decisive penalty in the 1994 World Cup final against Brazil, overshadowing his remarkable performances throughout the tournament. Deemed by some as the greatest footballer to have never won the Champions League/European Cup, Baggio’s journey began in Italy’s third tier in the early 80s before he made his mark at Fiorentina. His prolific goal-scoring ability helped secure the Serie A title for the Turin club in 1995.

Notably, he made a surprise move to AC Milan following his successful stint at Juventus, where he was succeeded by young talent Alessandro Del Piero. Baggio’s impact on Italian football was significant, as he was viewed as the country’s great hope. While his career had its share of glory, it was ultimately defined by the World Cup final miss, despite his strong performances throughout the tournament. In summary, Roberto Baggio’s recent photo has sparked discussion among fans, but his significant contributions to Italian football are undeniable.

His career, marked by success and heartache, has solidified his place as a legendary figure in the sport.


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