Babestation star reminiscing about the past as fans contact her daughter after 20 years – Daily Star

Babestation star reminiscing about the past as fans contact her daughter after 20 years – Daily Star

Levi, a veteran at Babestation for over 20 years, reflects on her long career in the adult entertainment industry. She reveals that the same callers who initially reached out to her for phone sex when the company first launched on Sky TV in 2002 still call her to this day, demonstrating the lasting impact of her work. Levi emphasizes the strong bonds and friendships she has formed through her job, stating that it has not only been financially rewarding but has also boosted her confidence significantly.

She candidly shares her personal struggles with confidence and self-esteem growing up, acknowledging the transformative effect that her job has had on her and others. Levi stresses the empowering nature of her work, as it has helped her friends regain confidence and overcome traumatic experiences. She also highlights the stress-free nature of her job, expressing her appreciation for the ability to leave work-related stress behind, a rare luxury in her line of work.

Levi proudly discusses her daughter, McKenzie Bleu, who joined Babestation after turning 18, following the upheaval caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns. Despite McKenzie’s initial aspirations to pursue a career in business administration, she chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps and work at Babestation. Levi shares the positive reception McKenzie has received, emphasizing the supportive and welcoming atmosphere at the company.

The mother-daughter duo’s strong bond and Levi’s pride in McKenzie’s achievements shine through in her account. Levi also notes that she became a mother at a young age, highlighting the close age gap between her and her daughter, and expressing pride in McKenzie’s ability to excel in the industry despite her young age.


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