“Chelsea hero who made rap song with Man Utd coach Benni McCarthy

“Chelsea hero who made rap song with Man Utd coach Benni McCarthy

The 22-time Netherlands international revealed how his unlikely trio grew fame away from football in the Dutch capital with a song that landed in the charts. Gorre was asked by someone if he wanted to record a song, and he agreed on the condition that two other guys, including the speaker, join him. They teamed up and ended up in a studio singing “I’ve got the Midas touch… everything I touch turns to gold.” Now the teen sensation is taking his talents around the UK and Europe as he faces the big boys in the Premier League.

Venues will be packed out to see the new darting icon take on the biggest names in the sport over the next few months. Despite the song’s success, the coach had to tell them to focus on football due to Ajax’s poor performance at the time. The speaker is amazed to hear his song playing at stores and bars and sees people singing it. They do not want to claim they are artists, but they definitely know the steps to building a song.

The experience of seeing people wearing football shirts with their name still feels more familiar than hearing everyone sing the song.


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