Chelsea legend criticizes players for arrogant attitude – Daily Star

Chelsea legend criticizes players for arrogant attitude – Daily Star

Ruud Gullit has expressed strong criticism of Chelsea’s players for their perceived arrogance and lack of quality, calling them “horrible” and “embarrassing.” Gullit, a former player who has achieved success in both club and international competitions, voiced his discontent with the current state of the Chelsea team during the 2024 Laureus Sports Awards. The 61-year-old highlighted issues with squad building and criticized the players’ egos.

Gullit pointed out that the influx of new players has led to challenges in team cohesion and performance. He emphasized the importance of making quick passes, especially during crucial moments, and expressed disappointment with the players’ tendency to take extra touches instead of making the pass early. He also criticized the team’s behavior, highlighting instances where forwards argued over who should take a penalty, likening it to watching children and labeling it as embarrassing.

Drawing on his own experience with successful teams, Gullit emphasized the detrimental impact of players believing they are better than they actually are. He stressed that this mindset is a significant issue within the Chelsea team, resulting in conflicts and impeding the team’s performance. Gullit, who had a successful career as a player with Chelsea and achieved numerous title victories, including Eredivisie and Serie A titles, as well as European Cups and an international championship, has made clear his concerns regarding the current state of the Chelsea team.


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