Daily Star: 150 Staff Depart Bramley Moore Dock Site Amid Everton Stadium Turmoil

Daily Star: 150 Staff Depart Bramley Moore Dock Site Amid Everton Stadium Turmoil

Workers at the stadium site have raised concerns about fair pay and overtime compensation, with claims of inadequate payment and unjust treatment. The employees, preferring to remain anonymous, have expressed their dissatisfaction and the alleged unfair treatment. Approximately 150 staff members walked off the site at 3:30 pm on Wednesday in protest. They are advocating for a raise in their pay to meet their needs and support their families. The workers emphasized their commitment and effort, highlighting the physical and mental exertion they put into their skilled jobs. They maintain that their actions were in accordance with legal work hours and indicate that they seek appropriate compensation for their work.

The absence of formal union representation during the protests was noted, with allegations that the construction firm, Laing O’Rourke, had prevented union officers from engaging with the workers. The workers expressed unity in their cause, with electricians from multiple sub-contractors in agreement about the walkout. They are determined to continue their protest until their concerns regarding remuneration and working conditions are resolved. The club has plans to move to the new stadium for the 2025/2026 season. It was mentioned that AI tools guided the creation of this article, and an editor reviewed the content before publication. Readers were invited to report any errors to the provided email address.


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