Demi Jones’ Cancer Battle Revealed After Fans’ Concerns on Love Island

Demi Jones’ Cancer Battle Revealed After Fans’ Concerns on Love Island

Demi, a 25-year-old contestant from series six of Love Island, initially found love with Luke Mabbott on the show. They came in third place but split after the show. Following her appearance on Love Island, Demi was living her best life with newfound confidence. However, things took a horrifying turn for her when she discovered she had cancer in 2021. Daily Star has covered Demi’s cancer battle extensively.

Demi’s fans noticed a faint mark on her neck while she was on the show, which turned out to be a cancerous lump. In a video shared on her social media platform in collaboration with Cancer Research UK, Demi spoke about her first symptoms. She was shocked when she discovered it was a rare thyroid cancer, which required a full thyroidectomy to remove her entire thyroid. In December 2021, she celebrated being cancer-free, though she was left with a small scar between her collar bones. She has chosen to show off her scar to raise awareness for the condition. Since her recovery, she has dedicated herself to raising awareness about thyroid cancer, inspiring many others to get their lumps checked as well.

According to Cancer Research UK, around 3,900 people are diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the UK each year. The condition can be quite rare and is known to affect women more than men. Initial symptoms of the disease can include a lump in the neck, as well as a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and a hoarse voice that lasts more than three weeks.


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