Eddie Hall Breaks UFC Champion’s Punch Force Record – Daily Star

Eddie Hall Breaks UFC Champion’s Punch Force Record – Daily Star

Just a fortnight ago, Pereira had broken Francis Ngannou’s seven-year record at the UFC’s Performance Institute with a score of 191,796 on the ‘Power Cube’, a high-tech machine that measures strike force. However, Hall has now surpassed this with an incredible 208,901. Hall, who claimed the World’s Strongest Man title in 2017 and retired from his strongman career the following year, has since dipped his toes into combat sports.

He was set to make his MMA debut in February against Mitchell Hooper, last year’s World’s Strongest Man winner, but the event was postponed. As Hall broke the record, his strongman pal Brian Shaw looked on in awe, and fans were equally stunned. One fan commented: “Bro casually breaking records,” while another added: “Just think if he got the proper whip on it too.”

A final user speculated: “Imagine the force Pereira would have generated at the same body fat percentage as Eddie though.” Whilst in training for a fight, Pereira weighs in at approximately 230lb, while Hall sits at around 360lb. Hall shared his disappointment with fans on his YouTube channel: “I’ve been training for an MMA fight for the last, I’m going to say six months of my life and I’m sure you’ve heard the news, seen other articles, big Brian Shaw has talked about it.

Don’t know quite what went wrong but the fight fell through. Me and Brian being family men, we want to secure our futures, make everything financially secure for our children, our great grandchildren etc. We took this deal, we had a contract in place and it all just fell through.

It’s just one of those things.”


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