Ex-Liverpool player accused of ‘slapping opponent’ in tunnel after match

Ex-Liverpool player accused of ‘slapping opponent’ in tunnel after match

Bordeaux have faced allegations that manager Albert Riera slapped an opposition player following their 2-1 defeat to St Etienne. The club, currently ranking 13th in France’s second division, played against St Etienne on April 20 and suffered a late defeat, with Irvin Cardona scoring twice in stoppage time.

The club released a statement denying the reported incident, asserting that no such occurrence took place. After the match, an alleged incident involving Riera, who is 42, occurred, resulting in him being accused of slapping an opposition player.

Bordeaux has disclaimed these claims and stated that neither the officials nor the delegates deemed it necessary to file a report. RMC reported that no footage of the alleged incident was aired live.

The defeat has left Bordeaux in a mid-table position, set for a third consecutive season in Ligue 2. In his time at Anfield, Riera had a tumultuous relationship with Rafael Benitez, which led to his suspension in 2010.

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