FA Cup replays eliminated in major overhaul

FA Cup replays eliminated in major overhaul

The agreement for the upcoming season, set for a minimum of six years, marks a significant change in the scheduling of the Emirates FA Cup. All rounds of the competition, including the fifth round, will now be held on weekends.

This shift aims to address the inconvenience caused by the midweek fixtures that have been in place for the past five seasons. However, this alteration has sparked controversy among fans, as it brings the announcement that replays will no longer be part of the competition from the first round.

Previously, the absence of replays was limited to the fifth round and onwards, but it has now been extended throughout the ‘Competition Proper’ due to adjustments in the calendar driven by the expanded UEFA competitions. In a notable change, the fourth round of the tournament will also feature an extended window from Friday to Wednesday, providing fans the opportunity to indulge in consecutive days of FA Cup action.

Additionally, there will be no Premier League games on the Friday night before the final, allowing for a larger build-up in the lead-up to the domestic finale. The commitment to the FA Cup will see increased investment in both the Football Foundation and the Premier League Stadium Fund.

This investment aims to enhance facilities at lower league clubs and create more opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in football, while also supporting the development of the girls’ game.


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