Football team in top division forced to halt traffic before kick off – Daily Star

Football team in top division forced to halt traffic before kick off – Daily Star

The football world is full of fascinating journeys from the changing room to the pitch. KFUM-Kameratene Oslo, recently promoted to the Eliteserien division, the highest league in Norwegian football, may have one of the most unique journeys.

In order to reach the pitch from their changing rooms and vice versa, players, mascots, and coaches have to cross a busy road. They must consider oncoming traffic, making their journey one of the most dangerous in football.

At the start of every match, both teams participate in the traditional walkout while holding young mascots by the hand. For the workers at KFUM Oslo, this routine also serves as a road safety lesson, as they have to wait for cars to pass before allowing the players to cross.

This position has earned them the comparison to a lollipop man or lady. Despite the unusual circumstances, KFUM is currently 11th in the table out of 16 teams, having only lost one of their first five matches of the season.

With the passionate manager Johs Moesgaard leading the team, their ambition is evident, and their progress is promising. In addition to KFUM’s unique situation, many other football stadiums around the world have their own distinctive features.

It is worth exploring these stadiums for their individual quirks and characteristics.


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