Former Newcastle player attempts rainbow flick, ends in disaster

Former Newcastle player attempts rainbow flick, ends in disaster

The French player, despite possessing impressive speed and skill, had a hit-and-miss record while playing at St. James’ Park in England for four years. His displays of skill were often followed by frustrating moments as a Magpie. Even in his current deployment at Al-Ahli, his methods remain the same, with moments of skill mixed with errors. One incident involved him racing to meet a ball that never arrived, leading a spectator to compare him to Nigeria’s skill legend Jay-Jay Okocha.

During a match, he made a strong run down the field and assisted a goal for Al-Ahli to secure a victory. The team also offers competitions, special offers, promotions, and partner adverts to its community members. It is possible to leave the community group by clicking on the name at the top of the screen and choosing Exit group.

In another match, players Sumaihan Al-Nabit and ex-Celta Vigo starlet Gabri Veiga scored to secure a comeback win for their team after falling behind early on. It is clear that even as a player’s club and location change, some things about their performance remain consistent.


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