Formula E Reveals New Race Car with 30% Faster Acceleration Than an F1 Car

Formula E Reveals New Race Car with 30% Faster Acceleration Than an F1 Car

Formula E has announced the launch of the Gen3 Evo vehicle for next season, which will be the fastest-accelerating single-seater car in the world. The new car can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 1.82 seconds, making it 30% quicker than an F1 car. It is projected that the Gen3 Evo car will be capable of shaving two seconds off a qualifying lap around the iconic Monaco street circuit where the races are held. What makes the Gen3 Evo car innovative is the capability for almost 50% of the energy to be regenerated during each race, which is a revolutionary new technology that will soon be rolled out into road cars.

Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds described the Gen3 Evo as a ground-breaking chapter in the evolution of Formula E, embodying dedication to innovation and high performance achieved sustainably. Currently, the Formula E cars go lights to flag without a stop, but a 30-second 600kw high-speed charge during the race is expected to become regulation, showcasing technology that will eventually be transferred to road cars. The announcement of the Gen3 Evo and its technological advancements signals Formula E’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle performance and sustainable innovation. This Saturday’s race at the Monaco E-Prix will be broadcast live on TNT Sports.


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