From Blackpool Bouncer to Bare-Knuckle Boxing World Champion at 45 – Daily Star

From Blackpool Bouncer to Bare-Knuckle Boxing World Champion at 45 – Daily Star

Richie Leak, a 45-year-old former Blackpool bouncer, defied age and physical limitations to achieve the notable feat of becoming a bare-knuckle boxing world champion. Despite admitting to the toll on his body and the challenges of aging, Leak triumphed against dominant heavyweight king Dan Podmore in a thrilling bout at BKB 37 in Wolverhampton. Despite early setbacks, Leak produced a stunning knockout in the third round, leaving the crowd in awe.

Leak’s victory is particularly significant given the caliber of fighters in BKB, where skill and agility are paramount. He acknowledged his lack of technical boxing prowess but emphasized that his experience and ability to absorb punishment were key factors in his success in bare-knuckle fighting, especially in the heavyweight division. Reflecting on his earlier days as a doorman in Blackpool, Leak expressed his disdain for the job, citing the constant need to stay vigilant in dealing with rowdy patrons.

He emphasized the positive impact of transitioning away from that role, stating that he can no longer afford to engage in such activities now that he has a family to prioritize. Despite being at a later stage in his career, Leak has not dismissed the possibility of future fights, revealing his deep-seated determination and the intrinsic need for a goal to focus on. His enduring passion for fighting was evident as he humorously admitted to attempting retirement several times but ultimately being unable to stray from the warrior spirit that defines him.


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