Gabby Agbonlahor caught crying after late Aston Villa loss to Man Utd – Daily Star

Gabby Agbonlahor caught crying after late Aston Villa loss to Man Utd – Daily Star

Ex-Aston Villa striker Agbonlahor expressed his support for his former team before a recent match, but was left devastated when they lost 2-1 to Unai Emery’s team. The deciding goal came in the 86th minute, through a Scott McTominay header, despite Aston Villa dominating much of the game. Agbonlahor’s heartbroken reaction was evident in a tweet in which he jokingly asked if anyone had seen him in Malaysia, along with laughing emojis. Despite the loss, Aston Villa’s performance has been noteworthy, especially with a young talent gaining attention in the Premier League.

This new sensation is scheduled to compete against top players such as Luke Humphries, Michael van Gerwin, Michael Smith, and others. A special Premier League preview is available, covering the rising star’s journey, his rivals, and providing insights from various figures in the sport. Before the game, Agbonlahor took to social media to advise Emery on tactics, warning against a high defensive line. Unfortunately, the Red Devils capitalized on a quick attack from the right-hand side, leading to the winning goal by McTominay.

Emery expressed pride in his team’s performance, despite the result, emphasizing their consistent play in league matches. Emery acknowledged the tough loss, expressing belief in his team’s style and identity. He credited their control of the game and efforts to avoid transitions, concluding that while sometimes they would be clinical, other times they wouldn’t. He accepted the result as part of football and reaffirmed their commitment to their approach.


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