Gogglebox Giles and Mary’s Unique Home: From “Grottage” to “Benefits Street” – Daily Star

Gogglebox Giles and Mary’s Unique Home: From “Grottage” to “Benefits Street” – Daily Star

Mary Killen and Giles Wood, known for their appearances on Gogglebox, have become beloved reality TV stars. Fans aspire to join them on the sofa inside their charming cottage, affectionately called ‘The Grottage’.

The duo is admired for their clever one-liners and captivating chemistry, making them one of the most popular couples on the show. In an interview with The Telegraph, the couple revealed their unconventional living arrangements.

They forgo central heating and rely on stained gas heaters to stay warm. Additionally, they have fashioned their own double glazing using bubble wrap.

The pair’s color-coordinated green living room, complete with matching William Morris wallpaper, curtains, and sofas, is a delightful sight. Their home also features classic novels, paintings, and bookshelves, adding a touch of sophistication.

Away from the lively prints, their kitchen area serves as a space for relaxation and creativity. An easel is positioned in front of a coffee table, alongside a cream wood-panelled cabinet filled with white plates, blue cups, and a microwave.

Their outdoor area includes a brown bench amidst wild grass, providing a perfect spot to enjoy drinks in front of their charming red brick exterior and thatched roof.


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