I earn millions by sleeping with older adults

I earn millions by sleeping with older adults

A racy adult star, who is best known for her content involving older men, has provided insight into why she finds the older generation appealing. The adult performer, a 35-year-old mother, has garnered attention for her videos featuring elderly men, which she describes as having a certain charm. She explains that she enjoys making videos with individuals who she feels may not receive enough attention, and she finds that older men often possess wisdom and a focus on what is important in life, which appeals to her. Despite also filming with men who do not fit this description, she states that she sees the majority of them as being forgotten and enjoys providing them with adventure and fun.

In terms of her earnings, she estimates she can bring in around £16,000 ($20,000) per week. Despite having the financial means to retire, she expresses her love for being on camera and her lack of desire to stop working anytime soon, as she believes she would become bored if she stopped. She mentions the possibility of doing something online, similar to older individuals creating content on platforms such as TikTok. Additionally, she also refers to treating community members with competitions, special offers, promotions, and advertisements from herself and her partners.

She mentions that individuals are able to leave the community at any time if they are dissatisfied.


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