I’m a psychopath with the urge to kill

I’m a psychopath with the urge to kill

Jack Noble, a self-proclaimed psychopath, has learned to control his violent urges by channeling them into writing about his disturbing fantasies rather than acting them out in real life. He describes himself as remorseless and self-centered, using the sinister username Jax The Ripper on social media. Jack, now 28, has recently published a fictional book called Jack The Ripper and spoke to the Daily Star about his experiences living with a personality disorder.

Reflecting on his childhood, Jack admits that he felt different from a young age but didn’t fully realize he was a psychopath until his late teens. He struggled to understand the intense emotions of others and found it challenging to fit in because of his differences. However, he believes that a psychopath cannot be diagnosed until adulthood.

As an adult, Jack acknowledges his self-centered nature and inability to feel remorse or guilt. He also highlights his need to constantly be in control and engage in psychological power struggles with others to prove his intelligence. At the age of 17, Jack had brain scans that revealed differences in his brain compared to the average person.

Around the same time, he was ordered to have a psych evaluation after pleading guilty to a series of felonies. Jack believes that speaking openly about his experiences can help others identify and avoid psychopaths in their personal lives. Contrary to common belief, Jack emphasizes that psychopaths do experience emotions to some extent, although they may struggle to understand or describe them fully.

He expresses a strong need for companionship and a fierce desire to protect his close family and children, challenging the misconception that psychopaths are completely devoid of emotional connections. In his book, Jack explores the life beyond the original five victims, delving into what could have happened next.


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