Jill Scott sends emotional message to Steph Houghton before her final game for Man City

Jill Scott sends emotional message to Steph Houghton before her final game for Man City

Jill Scott, a legend of Lionesses, believes that Manchester City can give a perfect send-off to Steph Houghton by securing the Women’s Super League title. Houghton, who has had a remarkable career and is set to retire at the end of the season, has been a standout figure in the women’s game. Scott expressed her desire to see Houghton lift the trophy as a fitting conclusion to her career, highlighting her resilience and dedication to the sport. Reflecting on City’s prospects, Scott also acknowledged the strong competition posed by Chelsea, who are vying for success despite a demanding schedule.

She also commended Emma Hayes, Chelsea’s manager, for her contributions and wished her well as she prepares to depart for a new role in the USA. Regardless of the outcome, Scott believes that the season will mark a memorable ending for someone involved. Having recently celebrated her own successful conclusion to her career by winning the Euro 2022 with England, Scott has shifted her focus to inspiring the next generation. She discussed her involvement in the FA’s Greater Game initiative, which aims to encourage healthy lifestyle choices among young people.

Through this endeavor, she hopes to promote physical activity and improve overall well-being among children, addressing concerns about a lack of exercise in the youth. In line with this initiative, Scott introduced a game called Drops, designed to engage children in physical activity in a fun and competitive manner. She emphasized the importance of making small changes to promote healthier lifestyles, particularly for children, and stressed the significance of maintaining both physical and mental well-being. The text is now ready to be posted in the comment section below.


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