Jockey Trapped Underneath Horse as Heroic Rival Dismounts to Help – Daily Star

Jockey Trapped Underneath Horse as Heroic Rival Dismounts to Help – Daily Star

A jockey was sensationally rescued by his rival after getting trapped under his horse during a race at Exeter Racecourse. Fans watched in horror as Richie McLernon fell from Conkwell Legend after the horse tumbled to the turf following a jump. McLernon was hurled from his saddle and landed ahead of Conkwell Legend, which then rolled on top of him.

Both rider and horse miraculously escaped with just a few bumps and bruises. Fellow jockey David Bass was quick to dismount his own horse, Run To Gold, to assist McLernon, helping prevent a potentially more serious outcome. The incident occurred after the third-last hurdle, with Conkwell Legend leading at the time.

Meanwhile, another shock took place at Exeter with a 200-1 long shot, Absolute Steel, winning a race, defying massive odds and beating the hot favorite, Lowry’s Bar. The surprising victory placed Absolute Steel among a select group of horses to win a race with odds of 200/1 or higher, a feat achieved just 15 times this Century in Britain and Ireland. The question arises whether racing safety measures need to be improved given the potentially dangerous situations like the one McLernon faced.

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