Jude Bellingham calls for more action to combat ‘disgusting’ racism faced by Real Madrid stars.

Jude Bellingham calls for more action to combat ‘disgusting’ racism faced by Real Madrid stars.

The issue of racist abuse in football has become a major problem, particularly in La Liga. Players like Vinicius Junior and Bukayo Saka have been targeted this season, with Vinicius Jr even admitting that he’s considering quitting the game due to the devastating impact of the abuse. His teammate, Aurelien Tchouameni, was also recently abused after scoring a winning goal at Mallorca.

This has led Jude Bellingham to issue a personal plea to the authorities to take action and stamp out racism in the sport. The racist attacks have taken a toll on players, with Vinicius Jr breaking down in tears when asked about the abuse and Tchouameni being targeted after his success on the pitch. Bellingham expresses concern for the mental and emotional impact of the abuse on players, lamenting that it’s a horrible way for a player to prepare for a game.

There is a call to action for those in the game to do more in addressing this issue. Bellingham emphasizes the importance of addressing racist abuse, stating that no one deserves to experience such treatment. The hope is for the authorities to take more effective measures to ensure the safety and well-being of players.

The need for change is evident, as Bellingham does not have faith that enough is being done to protect players from racist abuse. The text concludes with a plea for the powers that be to take action and ensure the safety and well-being of players in the game.


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