Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah’s agent criticizes ‘cheap’ critics

Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah’s agent criticizes ‘cheap’ critics

Salah, 31, sustained a hamstring injury during a match and has not played for the Pharaohs since. In a recent update to his fans on a social media platform, he conveyed his commitment to initiating the treatment and rehabilitation program for a prompt return to the national team. His agent, Ramy Abbas Issa, defended Salah against critics who questioned his dedication to the Egyptian national team. Issa criticized those who sought to exploit Salah’s injury for personal gain and praised those who supported Salah during the controversy.

In response to Issa’s support for Salah, fans were reassured that social media critics would not diminish Salah’s global impact. Additionally, Egyptian football icon Ahmed Hassan weighed in, criticizing Salah for returning to his club and questioning his commitment to the national team. Hassan emphasized the importance of Salah’s role as captain and the need for unity and determination from all players.

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