Marcus Rashford ‘firmly asserts’ future with Man Utd and £80m transfer – Daily Star

Marcus Rashford ‘firmly asserts’ future with Man Utd and £80m transfer – Daily Star

Marcus Rashford, at 26 years old, has had a challenging season with only eight goals in 40 games, a considerable drop from his 30 goals in the previous season. This decline has raised concerns, leading the club’s hierarchy to consider selling him, despite his current valuation at £80 million. However, his hefty weekly wages of £325,000 on a contract running until 2028 could pose a challenge for any potential move.

Despite speculation about his future, Rashford has expressed his intention to stay with Manchester United, where he has been since the age of eight. He remains committed to the club and happy in Manchester. The question of whether Manchester United should cash in on Rashford has sparked debate.

His potential sale could provide the club with more financial flexibility, particularly in the upcoming transfer window. However, Rashford’s loyal following and ongoing contribution to the team also hold significance. Rashford’s recent performance on the field has been mixed, with a few standout moments followed by a less impressive run of games and a muscle injury sidelining him for matches against Sheffield United and Burnley.

Despite these challenges, he continues to be a regular player for Gareth Southgate’s national team. In summary, Rashford’s future at Manchester United remains uncertain, with his performance, loyalty, and financial considerations all playing a part in the ongoing discussions.


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