Mother, 22, Believes Parenthood Has Diminished Her Youthful Appearance – Daily Star

Mother, 22, Believes Parenthood Has Diminished Her Youthful Appearance – Daily Star

A mum has been receiving comments from people telling her that she looks “old” ever since she turned 22. Kendra Sykes attributes her “ageing” looks to becoming a parent, blaming her little girl, Thalia. In a video, she subtitles a comment from a TikTok user and expresses hope that her daughter doesn’t hear the remark.

Another comment suggests seeing a doctor, implying that a medical condition may be causing her to age at 22. A fellow mum adds that lack of sleep and hormonal changes after birth can contribute to the appearance. She also condemns the negative comments and sends a message of support.

Another person suggests chronic dehydration as a possible cause for her appearance. The comments point to various factors that could contribute to Kendra’s appearance, including parenting, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and dehydration. The supportive messages from fellow mothers show solidarity and understanding.

These comments highlight the impact of negative remarks on someone’s self-esteem, and the importance of offering support and kindness. It’s important to be mindful of the impact of our words on others. The comments on Kendra’s appearance demonstrate the need for empathy and kindness, particularly towards new mothers who may be experiencing various challenges in their lives.

These comments also underscore the significance of self-care and seeking professional medical advice when facing concerns about physical health.


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