My girlfriend’s insatiable appetite for sex is driving me crazy” – Daily Star

My girlfriend’s insatiable appetite for sex is driving me crazy” – Daily Star

My new girlfriend is obsessed with me. She’s eating me alive. She can’t get enough of my body; she’s ringing me 20 times a day and won’t let me see my friends or family. It’s too much.

The minute she sees me her hands are under my clothes. Even if we’re in company, she thrusts her tongue down my throat and touches me up. My siblings groan: “Get a room.”

Recently, at a work dinner, she snogged my face off in front of my boss. She wasn’t even drunk.

Of course, I told her to stop. She claimed she was only having a laugh, but I was left looking like a complete idiot. We’ve been an item for a few months but still haven’t moved on from the super loved-up stage. Whole weekends are lost in a blur of sweat, tongues, and sex toys.

I love passion; but, sometimes, I can’t help feeling more than a little used. She has given me tremendous kudos and status. Dumping her isn’t an option because I finally feel that I’m a someone. Yet, dealing with her day-to-day is challenging when all she wants to do is bonk for Britain and silence me with kisses.

How can I get her to strike more of a balance? JANE SAYS: Are you sure you’re in your new relationship for the right reasons? I’m sure your enthusiastic girl is sexy and exciting and some moments with her are off the scale. But does she know anything about you and what makes you tick?

What about your professional reputation? If she’s not willing to give you the kind of relationship you crave, then aren’t you in danger of losing sight of who you are? Look at the facts: she isn’t interested in anything besides your body; not your mind, opinions or career. I urge you to wake up and get real.

Sit her down today and explain how confused you are by the nature of this relationship. What does she think about taking this relationship forward? What kinds of things would she like to do? Sadly, if she’s not able to give you the answers you crave, then maybe you’ll have to accept she’s a very one-dimensional person.

If she does have addictive tendencies, then she should be encouraged to consult a health professional. If you’re feeling down, then take yourself in hand and work out what it is you want out of a love affair and life in general.


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