New dating show “Chaos” reveals steamy texts between sexy singletons – Daily Star

New dating show “Chaos” reveals steamy texts between sexy singletons – Daily Star

A group of six single individuals will have 48 hours to impress two potential matches through messaging, in order to select one for a blind date. Subsequently, the newly formed couple will move in together after a brief meeting. However, an unexpected twist occurs when the originally rejected suitor, the second potential match, also moves in, creating a love triangle.

Leaked and explicit messages have stirred controversy. The individuals responsible for the selection process are named Dan, Danika, Jasmine, Lloyd, Mike, and Zaralena, while the potential suitors are the ones who might end up joining a potential relationship triangle. Recent reports suggest that there have been steamy interactions over text, with The Sun uncovering a supposed secret quaternity that was not part of the original plan.

One of the participants shared that they had a strong connection with an individual who was not one of their suitors, but the production team did not want this to happen, as they had already arranged for the participant to be set up with the two selected individuals. This led to a complex situation, where the participant was getting along with both their suitors and the other individual.


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