Petr Cech, Chelsea legend, predicts when club will next challenge for Prem title – Daily Star

Petr Cech, Chelsea legend, predicts when club will next challenge for Prem title – Daily Star

The team finished 12th last season and currently finds itself in mid-table once again. Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Petr Cech, believes that it will likely take another season before the team can realistically challenge for the title. Do you agree or disagree with Cech’s assessment? Since then, the club’s owner, Boehly, has made significant changes to both the boardroom and the squad, spending over £1 billion on transfers and loan fees.

The American is also on to his third permanent manager. Cech emphasized the need for patience, stating that significant changes take time and involve everyone working for the football club, including the players. A young sensation is making a name for himself in the UK and Europe, as he competes against established players in the Premier League. The upcoming matches against prominent names in darts such as Luke Humphries, Michael van Gerwen, and others are highly anticipated events.

The Premier League preview in our special segment tracks the rise of the young player and focuses on his rivals for the coveted title. It also includes an exclusive column from James Wade, interviews with legends of the game, current Premier League players, and PDC chairman Eddie Hearn, providing a comprehensive overview of the tournament. Cech mentioned that the influx of high-expectation players with significant spending has created additional pressure on the squad, particularly when results have not met expectations due to the team’s young age. Cech also expressed his opinion on Pochettino’s team, suggesting that the coaches have not yet found the right formula to establish a core in the squad.

He believes that stability is crucial, followed by player selection based on tactics and form. In summary, significant changes have taken place at the club, with a new young talent emerging on the scene. Cech emphasized the need for patience and highlighted the pressure on the squad due to high expectations. He also commented on Pochettino’s team, suggesting a need for stability and a clear core in the squad.


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