Pilot’s Last Words Before Jet Crash Killed 135 Passengers – Daily Star

Pilot’s Last Words Before Jet Crash Killed 135 Passengers – Daily Star

The tragic incident involving Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 occurred almost 46 years ago, on September 25, 1978, claiming the lives of 144 individuals. At the time, it was recorded as the deadliest air crash in American history. The Boeing 727 collided with a Cessna Skyhawk N7711G, amidst seemingly perfect weather conditions with calm winds and clear skies, resulting in devastation in the city of San Diego.

A harrowing in-flight recording captured the final moments of the captain and crew members in the cockpit, revealing their discussion about the smaller aircraft’s location. Moments before the disaster, First Officer Robert Fox and Captain James McFeron speculated about the Cessna’s whereabouts. Their conversation was abruptly interrupted by the tragic crash.

The chilling recording also captured a touching yet heart-wrenching message from an unidentified voice in the cockpit, expressing love for their mother just before the crash. Among the 144 victims were passengers and all crew members. This incident remained the deadliest air crash in America until May 25, 1979, when American Airlines Flight 191 crashed in Chicago, claiming the lives of 258 passengers and 13 crew members.


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