Premier League Star Admits to Affair

Premier League Star Admits to Affair

The racy model spoke exclusively to Daily Star to give her opinion on cheating sportsmen. She believes that betrayal is a natural part of life, suggesting that it’s normal to desire other things, even in love. She sympathizes with the footballer and comments on the challenges of trusting athletes, citing that it’s very common for footballers to have multiple partners. She also mentioned her rise to fame during the 2016 Italian referendum when she made controversial promises to men who voted ‘no’ before the constitutional reforms were rejected.

Additionally, she thinks that women in a chauvinistic society enjoy playing their role until things go wrong, at which point they may lack maturity to understand the complexities. She suggests that some footballers’ wives are unaware of the truth and are immature, leading to husbands filling them with lies due to their lack of experience. She comments that these women only serve to provide serenity to their husbands, including accepting betrayals as part of their role. Paola later flew to London to continue illicit encounters, but it ended bitterly when the player’s supposed agent approached her aggressively at a restaurant and cut all contact.

She also mentioned being accused and threatened by the player’s girlfriend, expressing sadness about the situation and emphasizing that no one is owned by anyone.


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