Richard Keys criticizes Jamie Carragher for Liverpool legend’s ‘drunk’ interview – Daily Star

Richard Keys criticizes Jamie Carragher for Liverpool legend’s ‘drunk’ interview – Daily Star

The post-match antics of pundit Jamie Carragher during the coverage of a football match caused mixed reactions among viewers. While some found Carragher entertaining, Richard Keys, a host and commentator for BeIN Sports, was critical of Carragher’s behavior and took to social media to express his disapproval. Keys questioned whether being drunk on air could be considered hilarious and highlighted the impact of alcoholism on families. He also pointed out that many thought Carragher sounded slurred towards the end of the night.

Carragher’s coverage included reporting from the site amongst Dortmund fans and engaging in playful activities with them, such as singing, taking selfies, and even joining in their celebrations during the match. His behavior sparked a debate over whether it was appropriate for a pundit to display such antics on air. Dortmund secured a 1-0 first-leg victory over Paris Saint-Germain, with Carragher likely to return to the studio for the second-leg match. Dortmund’s last appearance in the Champions League final was in 2013, when they suffered a defeat to Bayern Munich.

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