Savannah Bond: Adult Star Set to Marry Boxer Ryan Garcia – Daily Star

Savannah Bond: Adult Star Set to Marry Boxer Ryan Garcia – Daily Star

Savannah Bond, also known as Kelli-Anne Oxley, jokingly refers to herself as having a “license to thrill” in the bedroom. She and Garcia announced their engagement on social media, with Garcia expressing joy and motivation for an upcoming fight, hinting at a possible pregnancy. The couple’s posts have since been deleted, and there seems to have been some controversy over revealing certain details. Savannah Bond, originally from Australia, attended a strict Catholic school but later moved to Melbourne in search of a new life.

She held various ordinary jobs and studied beauty therapy, but eventually transitioned to the adult entertainment industry. Bond revealed some controversial and personal experiences in the industry, including encounters with the police and her approach to her work-life balance. She mentioned that her stage name was inspired by James Bond and shared details about her personal life, stating that she works a few times a week and prioritizes regular activities like going to the gym, working out, and eating healthily. She emphasized that she does not do drugs.

This information was shared in an interview with AVN magazine. Meanwhile, her fiancé Garcia is preparing for a significant boxing match against WBC super lightweight champion Devin Haney on April 20. This represents a major opportunity for Garcia in his boxing career.


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