Sonia from ‘EastEnders’ reportedly reveals baby’s name as a tribute to Walford legend

Sonia from ‘EastEnders’ reportedly reveals baby’s name as a tribute to Walford legend

Last year on the soap, Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) developed a relationship with Reiss (Jonny Freeman) and the couple struggled to conceive a child due to Reiss’ infertility. Additionally, it was revealed that Reiss’ wife was in a long-term coma after a stroke. Starting off, Sonia was hesitant about dating a technically married man, but eventually she grew closer to Reiss, who is the great-nephew of the late Dot Branning.

Despite facing hurdles, Sonia and Reiss underwent IVF treatment in their quest to have a baby. However, things became more distressing for Sonia when her friend Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) announced her pregnancy, leaving Sonia devastated and unsure about her own chances of conceiving. In a recent turn of events, Sonia discovered that she was pregnant, leading to emotional scenes as she shared the news with Reiss.

Across an Eastenders Reddit thread, fans discussed their theories for the soap’s 40th anniversary, with one viewer predicting that Sonia would likely give birth. As one of the longest-serving actors on the soap, Natalie Cassidy made her debut as the chain-smoking Dot in 1985, and in 2020, the character stepped down from the show. Tragically, in 2022, actress June, who portrayed Sonia’s on-screen grandmother, passed away.

Her family released a statement through the official EastEnders Twitter account, expressing their deep sadness over her peaceful passing at her home. The text mentioned alludes to ongoing storyline developments, character relationships, and the tragic loss of the actress who portrayed Sonia’s grandmother in the show.


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