Welsh Caretaker Nears Serie A Promotion with Cesc Fabregas’ Como – Daily Star

Welsh Caretaker Nears Serie A Promotion with Cesc Fabregas’ Como – Daily Star

Lake Como is renowned for its picturesque beauty, situated in the Italian lakes with the majestic Alps in the backdrop. However, it’s not typically associated with football. Como 1907, a football club from this region, hasn’t been part of top-tier Italian football for over two decades, enduring financial hardships and dropping down to Serie D. But today, they are on the cusp of making history by potentially returning to Serie A.

The club has attracted attention from celebrities and players like Mads Mikkelsen and Cesc Fabregas, who even took on the role of player-manager for the team, driven by the excitement and allure of the project rather than financial rewards. In December 2023, Fabregas was replaced by Osian Roberts, a Welshman who previously worked with Welsh youth teams and had a brief stint as a manager in the UK. Roberts seems to have embraced the challenge of leading Como, expressing his passion for Italian football while steering the club to crucial victories.

As Como recently triumphed over Cittadella, positioning themselves for potential promotion to Serie A, the team’s future looks promising. With only a single win required in their remaining matches, they are on the brink of achieving something remarkable, and the excitement is palpable within the club and its supporters.


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