Woman Transforms Boring New Build Garden into Countryside Oasis for Just £4k

Woman Transforms Boring New Build Garden into Countryside Oasis for Just £4k

A woman from Hertfordshire transformed her new build garden into a countryside oasis for £4,000. The garden was originally just mud, but the owner dreamed of making it more aesthetically pleasing. Due to spending a lot of time at home during lockdown, they decided to take on the project.

They felt that new build gardens tended to have a stereotypical look and wanted to create a more rural atmosphere. The owner expressed their excitement about the transformation and the fact that their south-facing garden received sunlight all day. They strategically placed a seating area at the end of the garden to take advantage of the evening sun.

Additionally, they replaced some turf with gravel to create a path leading to the seating area. The garden now boasts numerous planting areas, with the owner noting that they spend the most time in those sections tending to their plants. Expressing disappointment with the lack of care given to many new build gardens, the owner emphasized the importance of transforming these spaces, especially since new build developments are often built on green spaces.

They provided some tips, suggesting that people take their time and envision how they want to use the garden before setting a goal and working backward from there. Additionally, they advised using repurposed items such as buckets and water tanks for planting, as this can add character to the garden and be cost-effective. Lastly, the owner highlighted that building a greenhouse does not have to be expensive, as they were able to construct one for a fraction of the cost of buying one from a store.


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