Happy Customers Enjoying Air Fryer-Made Fried Breakfast – Daily Star

Happy Customers Enjoying Air Fryer-Made Fried Breakfast – Daily Star

The “Greaseless Spoon” cafe in Islington, London, prepared a traditional full English fry-up using an air fryer, an alternative cooking method that results in a “lower calorie” and healthier dish. This lighter approach to the classic breakfast comes in response to a survey of 1,000 18-34-year-olds, of which 37% considered the traditional cooked breakfast too greasy or fatty, and 89% had experienced “food guilt” after consuming it. The survey revealed that 14% of respondents only enjoy a fry-up a couple of times a year, and 10% never do so.

Additionally, 29% of those polled perceive the classic British dish as less popular among younger adults, with 38% considering it “outdated.” Moreover, 31% feel a full English fry-up takes too long to prepare, further contributing to its declining popularity among this age group. Breville, which commissioned the research, launched the Greaseless Spoon Café to revive the iconic British meal.

This initiative seeks to address the challenges associated with traditional fried breakfasts, such as the need for multiple pots and pans and the timing required to prepare all ingredients simultaneously. The study, conducted through OnePoll, found that 70% of respondents own an air fryer, and 57% use it to create a healthier and less time-consuming version of the classic fry-up. According to Zoe McClean, senior home economist at Breville, using an air fryer to prepare a fried breakfast offers opportunities for improvement in the cooking process, making it almost as important as the ingredients themselves.

Customers at the Greaseless Spoon Café were pleasantly surprised by the decreased grease in the dishes compared to traditional fry-ups, with one diner noting the quick service and minimal grease. This shift towards air fryer-prepared fry-ups may provide a solution for overcoming the perceived “icks” associated with the classic British dish. Emmanuel Ojo, a 26-year-old from Camden, London, expressed the intention to try cooking a full English breakfast in an air fryer after dining at the Greaseless Spoon Café.


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