Harry Maguire upset by new trial for alleged Greece police assault – Daily Star

Harry Maguire upset by new trial for alleged Greece police assault – Daily Star

The fight to clear Harry Maguire’s name over a brawl in Mykonos has encountered another obstacle due to a lawyers’ strike in Greece. The Manchester United star was arrested and convicted of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and attempted bribery while on holiday in August 2020. He received a 21-month suspended sentence for his involvement in the fight outside a bar. Maguire appealed the verdict, nullifying the conviction under Greek law, and has been awaiting a hearing on the neighboring island of Syros.

The hearing, initially scheduled for February 7, will allow Maguire to give evidence via video link, sparing him from attending in person. The incident occurred 42 months ago, and the long process has been acknowledged by lawyer Paradisis, who represents the policemen alleging that Maguire assaulted them. Concerns have been raised about the prolonged legal process, as a court official at the Syros tribunal revealed that the statute of limitations will kick in after eight years, potentially resulting in the case being written off if not heard by then. This isn’t the first time Maguire’s case has been delayed; it was previously postponed in May due to a scheduling conflict with his lawyer, Alexis Anagnostakis.

Maguire’s account of the incident differs, as he claims the trouble started outside a bar after a woman named Daisy was injected with an unknown substance by two men. He maintains that he wanted to take her to a hospital but ended up at a police station, where he alleges he was beaten. Despite the ongoing legal battle, he expressed no regrets about the incident and emphasized his clear conscience regarding the matter. *Reach PLC have contacted Harry Maguire’s representatives for comment.



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