I bonked 120 students in a 21-day sex marathon

I bonked 120 students in a 21-day sex marathon

Bonnie and fellow adult actress Leilani May planned a stunt, offering men the opportunity to star in a film with them. They had no trouble finding willing co-stars, as they were inundated with participants. Bonnie shared that it was not difficult to find people to work with, as individuals were approaching her from the day she arrived at the hotel. She would hand out business cards and approach people to film with her, resulting in five or six videos being produced daily.

She also made a point of giving the students a complete experience and getting to know them rather than just filming and parting ways. Bonnie wanted the interactions to be more than just appointments in a hotel room, aiming for a deeper connection with the participants. She also mentioned that they treat their community members with competitions, special offers, promotions, and advertisements from their partners. If someone wishes to leave the community, they can do so by clicking on their name and choosing the exit group option.


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