“In my 50s, I’m more confident and successful with my body” – Daily Star

“In my 50s, I’m more confident and successful with my body” – Daily Star

An erotic star believes she’s much more attractive at 56 than she was at 18. And she isn’t sure whether she would have been so successful if the lucrative adult platform had been around when she was a younger woman. She recalled: “I remember my mum even saying like … ‘you like dressing up you like modeling’”. “Because obviously I’m tall, I’m 5ft 10, but that’s what I was told by modeling agencies back in the mid-80s: ‘too old too fat’.”

Elaina has proven the doubters wrong though. She added: “The joke’s on them. I make more money now with this older heavier body than I ever would have dreamed of back in 1985.”

The OnlyFans babe didn’t start modeling until April 2021, emboldened by seeing reports of attractive women in their forties making “six figures a month” on the platform. Within a few days she had her first fans, noting: “The first two subscribers came in … I’ll never forget it, it was life-changing… on April 4, 2021. “It was a 28-year-old and a 29-year-old, and I peppered them with questions.”

One of her key questions was should she show her face to fans as well as her body. They told her she definitely should. So when her boss called Elaina into her office to tell her off about something, she decided to quit. “I thought I’m a tenth as good looking as these women! “By the end of June my first full month full time I had made ten thousand dollars” – a third of her annual salary in a month.


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