‘King of Benidorm’ insists ‘locals love us’ after tourists told ‘go home’ – Daily Star

‘King of Benidorm’ insists ‘locals love us’ after tourists told ‘go home’ – Daily Star

Nigel Pope, originally from Cornwall, moved to the Costa Blanca seven years ago after his 30-year marriage ended. He is well-respected and known by locals, earning him the regal title. Nigel has no plans to leave the sun, sea, and lively atmosphere of Benidorm. He emphasizes that he has not noticed any negative changes in the area, and his strong Spanish language skills allow him to interact harmoniously with the local community.

Nigel observes an increase in the number of Spanish people working in British bars following Brexit. He also notes the low percentage of public housing in Spain, compared to the European average, and is puzzled by the reported tensions as he feels that Benidorm warmly welcomes British residents and involves them in local events. While acknowledging that some British tourists in Spain have a bad reputation, Nigel stresses that it is a minority and is determined to showcase all aspects of Benidorm, not just its party scene. He believes the negative incidents involving Brits are overemphasized and overshadow the countless positive experiences.

Nigel remains passionate about portraying Benidorm as a friendly and welcoming place, especially amidst rising tensions in other Spanish destinations. He highlights the significance of Brits enjoying themselves and de-stressing due to the UK’s bad weather and living costs crisis. He advocates for a balanced perspective, where positive experiences also receive attention alongside the negative incidents.


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