Man Utd starlet accused of raping a woman with a friend, court told – Daily Star

Man Utd starlet accused of raping a woman with a friend, court told – Daily Star

Cofie, 30, and his friend Nathan Stuart are accused of raping a woman who was too drunk to consent. The alleged incident took place in April 2019, after the trio met during a night out in Altrincham. Both Cofie and Stuart deny the charges against them. The woman had been with her friend initially, but was left alone when her friend went home.

It is alleged that she was seen “hanging off” Cofie’s arm before they all went back to Stuart’s house, where the alleged rape occurred. The woman experienced memory loss, nausea, vomiting, and a headache, which could not be solely attributed to her alcohol intake, as indicated by the hospital staff. When she informed Stuart about feeling unwell, he allegedly responded by questioning whether they had spiked her drink. Stuart claimed that he and the woman had consensual sex, and that Cofie was also present.

The woman accused Stuart of discouraging her from seeking help from the police. Stuart denies two counts of rape, while Cofie denies three counts of rape. Cofie gained recognition as the youngest million pound footballer in history when he joined Manchester United at the age of 14, but he later left the club in 2013 after not making a senior appearance. He played for various clubs in the EFL pyramid and last played for Global in the Philippines Football League.

The trial is ongoing.


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