My daughter is disgusted by the origin of her unflattering name – Daily Star

My daughter is disgusted by the origin of her unflattering name – Daily Star

A mother is expressing concern about her daughter’s dislike for her name, fearing it gives the impression of being associated with a negative stereotype. Carla Bellucci explains that she named her oldest daughter Tanisha after hearing it in a rap song, but now her daughter feels that the name hinders her job prospects. Carla acknowledges that the name may not have been the classiest choice but defends it by saying it could be worse.

Despite her reassurances, Tanisha insists that the name has a negative impact on her professional life. Carla, who faced backlash for faking depression to get a free nose job, shares that she used to do glamour modeling to support her children as a single mother. She reveals that she chose the name Tanisha because it sounded nice and suited her child, inspired by the lyrics of the rap song.

While Carla entertains the idea of her daughter legally changing her name, she advises new parents on the challenges of choosing a name and acknowledges her own lapse in judgment in naming her daughter. The mother also discusses her views on body confidence, stating that she has no issue with being naked around her young children, citing it as a natural and nurturing behavior. She expresses disbelief at the notion that it is considered wrong for children to see their parents naked, while explicit nudity is readily available online for free.

Carla emphasizes her desire for her children to grow up with a healthy understanding of their bodies. In summary, the text pertains to a mother’s concern for her daughter’s name and her outspoken views on body confidence and nudity.


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