Pharmacist becomes a boxer to hide bruises while working in a hospital – Daily Star

Pharmacist becomes a boxer to hide bruises while working in a hospital – Daily Star

Rhiannon Dixon is a determined pharmacist with aspirations of becoming a world champion in the boxing ring, a goal she aims to achieve in just five years. Despite her confidence and dedication to the sport, she laments the fact that she won’t be able to celebrate her potential victory with her beloved dog, Honey, in the ring. Dixon’s journey in boxing began as she stumbled upon the sport while completing her pharmacy studies at university.

Her initial goal was to emulate MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, which led her to white-collar boxing in Wigan, where she found her passion for the sport after a few fights. Despite the challenges of juggling boxing with her pharmacy career, Dixon’s perseverance and skill in the ring have not gone unnoticed. She has garnered a flawless 9-0 professional record and attracted the attention of prominent figures in the boxing world, including promoter Eddie Hearn and Matchroom.

The boxer’s commitment to her sport has not always been understood by her family, particularly her parents, who have expressed reservations about her fighting career. Nevertheless, Dixon remains focused on proving herself and earning the recognition and pride of her loved ones. As she prepares for the potential achievement of claiming the WBO lightweight title, Dixon eagerly anticipates the moment she can celebrate with her dog, Honey.

She expresses a wish to have her canine companion join her for the post-fight pictures and ponders the possibility of bringing Honey to the arena, perhaps with the support of promoter Eddie Hearn.


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