Premier League boss confirms position on playing matches overseas – Daily Star

Premier League boss confirms position on playing matches overseas – Daily Star

Javier Tebas, head of La Liga, has expressed interest in hosting Spanish matches in the United States. This concept was first considered by Premier League officials in 2008, but it was met with strong opposition from fans. However, the current head of the Premier League, Richard Masters, has stated that following Tebas’s lead is not in their current plans. Masters commented that the possibility of holding matches abroad is a growing concern and that feedback from players suggests that there is an excessive amount of football being played, leading to constant expansion.

The increasing popularity of international and regional football competitions has been a significant change over the past few decades. Masters emphasized that the English football league is proud to maintain its distinctiveness, with two cup competitions and the belief that they should determine the size of their league. He likened the league to a full cup, warning that overloading the calendar and the players will inevitably lead to a breaking point. In an effort to alleviate fixture pressure and the burden on the footballing calendar, the decision to eliminate FA Cup replays was made.

This adjustment comes as more matches are set to be played in UEFA club competitions in the upcoming season.


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