Real-Life Fallout Bunkers ‘Already Constructed’ for Apocalypse – Survival Expert ‘Knows Where’

Real-Life Fallout Bunkers ‘Already Constructed’ for Apocalypse – Survival Expert ‘Knows Where’

Robert Vicino, head of the survival firm Vivos, claims that the US is preparing for a potential nuclear bomb attack by building an underground network of bunkers for society’s elites. He believes these bunkers are located at Denver Airport in Colorado, which covers 34,000 acres and has a peculiar atmosphere with strange decorations and artwork. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the airport’s supposed links to a powerful group known as the Global Elites or New World Order (NWO). Vicino points to various signs that suggest the existence of a massive government underground bunker beneath the airport, including its excessive budget and size, as well as the presence of a Masonic symbol on the airport plaque.

Some theorists believe this “secret complex” is connected to Washington DC by a high-speed train. Vicino also mentioned similar facilities in other locations, such as the Burlington Bunker beneath RAF Horsham in Wiltshire and the top secret Greenbrier under a resort hotel in West Virginia. He claimed that President Joe Biden disclosed the existence of an underground bunker at the old US Naval Observatory and mentioned an unofficial stop made by Barack Obama at the airport, where he supposedly disappeared for an hour. Despite these claims, Denver Airport has explained that the runway is shaped like a “pinwheel”, and the airport commission is simply a group of local business and political figures.


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