Ronaldinho beat four players and I messed it up

Ronaldinho beat four players and I messed it up

The experience of Orlandi’s first minutes on the field for Barcelona left him feeling like he had made a terrible mistake. He came on as a substitute in a friendly match against Saint Etienne, with just 30 minutes left to play. Ronaldinho passed the ball to him, but he couldn’t make anything happen, even managing to miss the target completely.

The disappointing performance left him feeling isolated and inadequate, as no one spoke to him after the game. Despite this setback, Orlandi would go on to play in a La Liga match at left-back in Barca’s final game of the 2005/06 season. Having learned from his initial experience, he had since gained confidence by playing regularly for the second team.

These experiences helped him to relax, give the ball to more talented teammates, and play more simply, which ultimately restored his confidence. His second chance in the first team felt more natural to him after a while. He learned the importance of just enjoying the game and playing with relaxation and confidence.

This approach eventually helped him to regain his form and feel more at ease on the field.


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