Russian Threat Puts One Billion People at Risk of Underwater Pipeline Attacks – Daily Star

Russian Threat Puts One Billion People at Risk of Underwater Pipeline Attacks – Daily Star

The security of approximately one billion Westerners is at risk due to Russian attacks on underwater pipelines and power cables, as reported by a Nato commander. He expressed concerns about the threat to the underwater economy, highlighting the significant role of internet cables and pipelines in European infrastructure. Finnish authorities have alleged that a Chinese ship deliberately damaged the Balticconnector with its anchor, further exacerbating the vulnerability of undersea infrastructure. An experienced submariner, Maleterre, emphasized the drastic changes in the underwater environment since much of the current infrastructure was initially developed by the private sector, leaving it highly susceptible to attacks.

Highlighting the significance of undersea connections, Maleterre pointed out that more than 90% of the internet is transmitted under the sea, and the vulnerabilities in this network pose a considerable risk. Despite the increasing reliance on offshore wind power to meet climate goals, the infrastructure is still exposed to system vulnerabilities. Emphasizing the security concerns, Maleterre mentioned that Nato constantly patrols waters, including the Arctic, Black Sea, Atlantic, Baltic, and the Mediterranean, to protect nearly one billion Nato-nation civilians. However, the difficulty of continuous surveillance of underwater cables poses a significant challenge.

Maleterre also highlighted the challenges in identifying the perpetrators of such hybrid attacks and the difficulty in tracking them down, especially when high-handed capabilities, such as submarines and nuclear submarines, are involved. Efficient use of artificial intelligence software has been suggested to detect and track suspicious activities at sea, but the complexity of identifying and addressing such attacks remains a significant concern.


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