Simple hack to maintain perky GG boobs in your 40s, shared by a proud cougar – Daily Star

Simple hack to maintain perky GG boobs in your 40s, shared by a proud cougar – Daily Star

A woman with GG-sized boobs recently shared her secret for keeping them looking perky and nice. Amanda, also known as Dugheed on social media, often receives attention for her curvaceous figure. Despite having a petite size eight frame, her ample bust stands out. To maintain her figure, the 44-year-old has opted not to undergo breast enhancement surgery.

Instead, she uses a simple hack to maintain their perky appearance, comparing it to the difference one feels after removing glasses. Amanda has stated that her GG bust is natural, and despite having a petite frame and wearing size one shoes, she can wear children’s trainers. Based on a recent Instagram post, it appears she is still following this regimen. During a recent “pyjama party girls night,” she was seen wearing a bra under her knitted loungewear, accessorized with a fluffy dressing gown, furry hat, and comfy sliders.

The look garnered over 150 likes, with fans complimenting her, calling her “still fit” and admiring her as “a lady”. Speaking of her dating life, Amanda has revealed that she prefers younger men and doesn’t date men her own age. She has gone through five failed relationships and now embraces the single life, enjoying the company of younger men. With over 60,000 TikTok and 23,000 Instagram followers, she emphasizes the importance of men learning how to treat a lady.

Amanda prefers to be “courted” on a date and likes leaving a guy when they are both enjoying each other’s company.


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