UK’s Top-Rated Beach Receives Criticism on Tripadvisor as “Disappointing” and “Sad Eyesore” – Daily Star

UK’s Top-Rated Beach Receives Criticism on Tripadvisor as “Disappointing” and “Sad Eyesore” – Daily Star

A Welsh beach has recently been labeled as the “most disappointing beach in the UK,” according to reviews from visitors. One person, who visited the beach in September 2023, expressed their disappointment, mentioning that the North Shore beach in Llandudno now consists of large grey rocks instead of the beautiful sandy beach they remembered from their previous visit 50 years ago. Another dissatisfied visitor advised against wasting time at this beach, emphasizing the need for prior research before planning a visit.

The study, conducted by Preply, revealed that Llandudno’s North Shore Beach holds the top spot with nearly 30% of disappointing reviews. Though many visitors had positive experiences, some expressed concerns about the beach’s use of rocky pebbles, making it difficult to walk along the shore, especially for pets. Visitors are also limited as to when they can bring their pets to the beach.

Overall, potential visitors are advised to bring sturdy shoes when considering a visit to Llandudno’s North Shore Beach. Despite the negative reviews, the North Shore Beach is promoted as the area’s principal beach and offers various attractions such as a long Victorian pier, a wide promenade, traditional Punch and Judy shows, donkey rides, and live music from the bandstand during the summer months. While some recent reviews on Tripadvisor have rated the beach as “excellent,” it is noteworthy that there have been no “excellent” reviews posted since 2022.


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