Sonia from EastEnders Reveals Baby Daddy after Surprise Pregnancy

Sonia from EastEnders Reveals Baby Daddy after Surprise Pregnancy

Last year on the soap, Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) developed a relationship with Reiss (Jonny Freeman) and the pair faced challenges while trying to have a child, such as Reiss’ infertility. However, a tragic twist was revealed when it came to light that Reiss’ wife was in a long-term coma after suffering a stroke in the bath.

Initially, Sonia was surprised to be dating a technically married man, but she pursued her romance with Reiss, who is the great-nephew of the late Dot Branning. Despite a significant wait, Sonia and Reiss were able to undergo IVF treatment, sparking hope for their desire to have a baby.

However, Sonia’s world was shaken when she learned that her friend Whitney was pregnant, leaving her devastated and feeling as though she wouldn’t be able to conceive. Shortly after, Sonia discovered that she was pregnant and shared the emotional news with Reiss at the Queen Vic.

It is revealed that Sonia and Martin had been married twice and have a daughter, Bex Fowler. Meanwhile, viewers on a Reddit thread shared their theories about the Sonia and Reiss storyline and some believe that Martin could potentially be the father of Sonia’s baby.

This speculation led to querying a popular artificial intelligence tool called Gemini, which suggested that it was likely for Sonia to be pregnant with Martin’s child and listed reasons why it could be an intriguing storyline.


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